• Wulf

    This is just my own translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem usually known as Wulf and Eadwacer.  It is famously ambiguous, with much debate about the identity of Eadwacer.  In this version, I treat Eadwacer as a term of endearment for […]

  • Why the Somali Community?

    I wrote about Somalis because I met some inspirational Somalis.     A few days ago I got a facebook message in response to a blog I’d written for the Guardian, about my book What Was Never Said. The […]

  • In the Country of Men

    In the Country of Men

    Thank you to Rebecca Nicolson for recommending Hisham Matar. I have just finished his first novel, In the Country of Men.   It is such a painful, honest, compelling story of a boy growing up under Gaddafi aka Muammar el-Qaddafi […]

  • Grace Williams Says it Loud

    Grace Williams Says it Loud

    I’ve just read Emma Henderson’s wonderful first novel and joined a Somerset book club who were being filmed discussing the book for the Channel 4 Book Club.  The programme goes out on 14 August, and can be seen on 4 […]

  • Hello this is my first post

    Hello this is my first post