School visits

  • Chocolate Cake at Wells Blue

    Chocolate Cake at Wells Blue

    I was invited to go and talk at Wells Blue School by a really remarkable group of students who call themselves “Bookworms”  They are a group of Year 7 students who have decided that they are going to share their […]

  • King Arthur’s Community School

    King Arthur’s Community School

    Another very interesting school visit.   This is picture was taken by Irene Chant in the library at King Arthur’s Community School where the Y9 English students had been studying Chocolate Cake with Hitler.  They had some interesting questions.  Had […]

  • Haygrove School, Bridgwater, Somerset

    Haygrove School, Bridgwater, Somerset

    Thanks to Jill Thompson and Jane Peel for these photographs from my visit to Haygrove School.  Another incredibly impressive school with wonderful librarians.  I came to talk to the boys’ reading group (see below) but loads of other Y9 pupils, […]

  • St Bernard’s High School, Southend

    St Bernard’s High School, Southend

    I had fantastic day at St Bernard’s High School.  One of the school’s guiding principle’s is “fairness” – so, in fairness, I spoke to every single one of the 5 English sets in Y7.  15 minutes each.  This did slightly […]

  • Events 2012

    Events 2012

    23 May – Henbury School, Bristol, Y9 Talk on The Background to Chocolate Cake with Hitler 27-29 April – Residential Writers’ Retreat, Lower Coxbridge Farm near Glastonbury – see Writers’ Retreat page for more details. 20 April – 7.45pm  Brympton […]