• Seminar Paper by Christian Grimm on Chocolate Cake with Hitler

    Earlier this year I was delighted to visit Erlangen-Nurnberg University to talk to students about Chocolate Cake with Hitler.  One of the students, Christian Grimm, very kindly sent me a copy of his seminar paper which is published below in […]

  • Chocolate Cake With Hitler

    Chocolate Cake With Hitler

  • Wells Lit Fest

    One thing we were really excited about when we were booking speakers for this Wells Lit Fest is three of the speakers that we booked were then nominated for the Costa Prize: Louisa Young for her novel My Dear I […]

  • Bristol Students Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation

    I know I regularly rave about fantastic school students but I’ve recently had the luck to meet a very exceptional group of young people who go to schools in Bristol.   These are students, male and female, who have decided […]

  • Events 2012

    Events 2012

    23 May – Henbury School, Bristol, Y9 Talk on The Background to Chocolate Cake with Hitler 27-29 April – Residential Writers’ Retreat, Lower Coxbridge Farm near Glastonbury – see Writers’ Retreat page for more details. 20 April – 7.45pm  Brympton […]

  • Chocolate Cake Talk in Streatham

    Chocolate Cake Talk in Streatham

    It was a wonderful evening for the audience with author Emma Craigie. Through the back doors of a busy Streatham pub we were greeted by the scintillating hostess Lisa Watson;and ushered into a cozy little haven transformed perfectly for the […]

  • Bare, ruined choirs where late the sweet birds sang.

    A short tour of North Yorkshire

    Big thanks to Anne Wicks of the lovely Castle Hill Bookshop in Richmond,  http://www.castlehillbookshop.co.uk/   for organizing a wonderful book group event this weekend.   I was talking with Julia Stagg http://www.jstagg.com/ whose new book L’Auberge is a novel based on her […]