Haygrove School, Bridgwater, Somerset


Thanks to Jill Thompson and Jane Peel for these photographs from my visit to Haygrove School.  Another incredibly impressive school with wonderful librarians.  I came to talk to the boys’ reading group (see below) but loads of other Y9 pupils, like the girls above, chose to come along too.

These boys had studied Chocolate Cake with Hitler before my visit and had very interesting questions.  One issue we discussed was whether the Goebbels children were better behaved than children today.  Pretty well everyone thought that they were.  I had to disagree, as the behaviour I saw at Haygrove was exemplary – all the students were focused, attentive and brilliant at listening to each other as well as to me.  One difference they pointed out between the upbringing of the Goebbels children and their own upbringings was that all the students felt that the adults in their lives include them in discussions about what’s going on and any difficulties that need to be faced.

A very interesting part of the morning was hearing stories of what the students grandparents and great grandparents were doing during the war.  And then Jaimie Elkerton’s History Group embarked on some imaginative writing about the experience of war.

Thank you Haygrove School for an inspiring day!


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