Reviews of School Talks about Chocolate Cake with Hitler


It has been great to hear of several schools which have decided to study Chocolate Cake with Hitler as a set text.  Here are a couple of reviews of talks I’ve done in schools about the background to the book:

First from the Librarian at Millfield Preparatory School.  I’ve been to talk to their Year 8s two years in succession:

From my point of view you covered everything. You talked about yourself and about being an author, you talked about the book itself and how it was created and you talked about the History upon which the book was based. It was fascinating; for staff and students alike!

I have been asked by both the Year 8 programme organizer and the History department to get you back in over the next school year.  Students from the rest of the school have heard the Year 8’s talking and have come in wanting to read the book, or wanting to know more about that particular period of history. They also want to know why they couldn’t come and meet you…..I’ve promised you’ll be back but that it’s a Year 8 privilege only!

Students like to see people who enjoy what they do and they have respect for those who know what they’re talking about! It is evident how much you enjoyed the process of creating ‘Chocolate Cake with Hitler’ and you gave the students information that left them wanting to know more. I really think that is the key to a successful talk no matter what the subject.

MPS staff, students and myself are very grateful and thoroughly enjoyed your visit and hope you will come back over the next school year. I have also recommended you to a number of other Librarians/Teachers and I will happily continue to do so. Thank you very much for coming.

And the Kings School Bruton, Librarian:

Emma was excellent.  She knows how to present to students and to keep them on track when they start to wander!  It was an amazing insight into Nazi Germany from the perspective of Magda Goebbels, wife of Joseph, and the leading woman of the Nazi regime.  The kids were enthralled, asked lots of questions and although the talk was not centred around her book as such, we still sold lots of copies at the end – which she supplied herself.  Emma really is a font of knowledge on Germany during the Hitler years as she spent 3 years researching…   The history department were very impressed and are using the presentation for follow on work that they will be doing for the rest of this term.  She presented to our year 9 students but would be good for any year group.


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